The map below will update hourly to show James' last known location as he makes his way from City Hall in Melbourne, FL to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. (1,001-Miles). 

James will be riding in honor of our nations veterans and to help raise money for The IGY6; Foundation. If you would like to donate to this amazing cause please click here.

Avg Speed: 14 MPH

Countdown: 0 miles Left

Total Distance: 960 miles

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James Urban is an adventure enthusiast, a veteran, and a philanthropist who has taken his passion for physical and mental health, and has taken on the challenge of riding his Cannondale road bike 1,001-miles to help raise money for veterans of The IGY6; Foundation. Check back daily as this site will be updated with pictures, videos, blog entries, and amazing merchandise!  



Special thanks to our "Extra Mile" sponsors.

These sponsors went the extra mile for the veterans of The IGY6; Foundation. We are excited to forge a long term relationship with these amazing organizations and their employees. We are humbled by their generous donations and thank you for your support.

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